Use Chrome to make a webpage into an application

This is an accompaniment to Hex DSL’s video guide included below.


  • This tip only works in ether Google Chrome or the Chromium browser, essentially turning a web page into an application. Following Hex’s guide first you need to navigate to your chosen page, I’m going to use Netflix to make a web-app.


  • Then once our page has loaded and you can do this with any page, navigate to the customise and control(Hamburger)menu in the top right corner. Choosing “More tools” and then “Add to desktop”

  • Once you choose “Add to desktop” you’ll be greeted with a pop up asking you to confirm your choice, for the best possible results tick the “Open as window” box and then “Add”


  • You’ll now find your shiny new web-app in the menu of your selected desktop environment, just launch it and you’ll have what is virtually the same as most pre-built applications.

  • If for any reason you wish to remove an app, just navigate to the “Apps” menu in the top left of the home page or go to chrome://apps in the address bar, right click the app you wish to remove and choose “Remove from chrome”


Its really that easy and before long it will be second nature to you. A big thanks to Hex DSL for the guide and if you found it useful please visit his YouTube and drop a Like on the video.