Stardew Valley

Title: Stardew Valley
Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation
Developer: ConcernedApe 
Publisher: Chucklefish
Release Date: 26 Feb, 2016

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Stardew Valley, Life on the farm.


To call Stardew Valley a homage to Harvest Moon is like saying Mary-Kate is the more talented Olsen twin, having played Harvest Moon on the SNES if you’d told me this was the sequel I’d have believed you. But the reality is a little more complex than that, you see Eric Barone the creator wanted it to be like Harvest Moon. The game is his way of fixing the issue he saw with the source material, in this its fair to say he succeeded.

There’s nothing complicated or hard to grasp, never the less though its loaded with secrets to be discovered. Theres a lot here to be sure, building your farm, upgrading tools and buildings. But thats not all, later on farming becomes almost a secondary task.


More than a simulator. . .

See to just think of Stardew Valley as a farming game is a little wrong, theres a lot more than just that. Fishing, cooking and leveling up skills are all present, but theres also towns people to befriend and build relationships with. Corporations to stand with or against, questing to be done, mines to. . . well mined! Theres choices you’ll be given as you progress that have a effect on the game, for better or worse.

The art style oozes 16bit loveliness, from the striking visuals to the jaunty animations. It hits all those retro notes, lovingly recreated for HD screens and it really is pretty. Everything has had care lavished on it to get the look just right, which is harder than you might think when dealing with HD. Stardew Valley has its look nailed.

The controls while simplistic offers enough to be competent without feeling something is lacking. I would say though I do find targeting in the game a little hit and miss, it would be nice if the controls in this area were a little more forgiving. Outside of those gripes it’s a pleasant experience on keyboard or controller.

Theres little here to criticize, even less to dislike. While these type of games arent for everyone, for those who like them Stardew Valley is perfect. Simple, straight forward and a pleasure to play, with hours of content to keep you occupied.


Performance. . .

Like Awesomenauts Stardew Valley has no glaring issue to report thankfully, it plays fine on Linux straight out of the box.

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