Feral Interactive Games Not Launching On Linux

If you’ve recently updated on Arch or Arch based Linux and are having issues launching Steam games from Feral Interactive (Xcom, Shadow of Mordor, Hitman) you’re not alone. But there is a pretty simple fix so don’t disrepair. Go to your Steam Library, right click the game you’re having issues with and select “Property’s” and “Launch options” then copy and paste this:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”../lib/x86_64/” %command%

Then fingers crossed you should be good to go, Liam at www.gamingonlinux.com has reached out to feral and this fix comes from fraci over there in the comments so you can thank those guys.


Update 1:

This fix doesn’t appear to work on all titles such as Alien Isolation. I reached out to Feral Interactive and was given this responds. . . .

Hi Justin. We only provide support for Ubuntu and SteamOS.

A bit of a shame from a company I have held in very high regard, but I’m sure the community will have a fix soon enough. I’ll keep you informed


Update 2:

A recent update to glibc to 2.26.4 should fix this issue, check you’re running the latest version and restart and things should work fine. I did find the original fix stopped Alien Isolation working, so I’d make sure you’ve removed it from launch options if you have issues still.