Title: Awesomenauts – the 2D moba
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Ronimo Games
Publisher: Ronimo Games
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2012

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Awesomenauts, Someone flattened my MOBA!


Awesomenauts is just one of those games that hits every note just right, it’s just brilliant. Essentially its a MOBA, but Awesomenauts twist is that its in 2d and played on a side on view instead of top down. This brings an element of plat-forming to the game, its quiet a unique feel.

It has all the standard things such as turrets that must be defeated before engaging the enemies solar reactor. Each team has troops to use as cannon-fodder like any other MOBA, it really seems pretty standard. You even collect “solar” this games equivalent of gold to access upgrades.


Walking there own path. . .

Where it starts to diverge is accessibility, there isn’t the huge learning curve you’ll find in other MOBA’s. The role of the player is clearly defined too, with only basic attacks being effective against turrets. This puts the player clearly in the role of defending troops and combating other players. This is made even clearer by the fact turrets will kill you in seconds, but against other players or troops you are far hardier. This gives you time to think and time to retreat too, if needed.

Every character has a unique feel and offers something different. It’s worth trying them out too as you can often find you love a character you didn’t think you would. They have their own looks and idiosyncrasies, even their own theme tunes! Characters have three ability’s which can all be launched with the mouse and a host of upgrades, the majority of which are simple and easy to understand. These are a far cry from the confusing mess in other MOBA’s, its clear and simple.


In game awesomeness. . .

Awesomenauts also offers a huge amount of options, if your starting out you can play against all bot teams, even have a bot team yourself. There’s no fear here of facing other until you’re ready and that can often be the issue with other games of this ilk. It’s all just so well balanced, simple to learn and easy to pick up.

Graphically its got a great art style and diverse characters. It’s pretty easy on the eye and its worth noting that alternate outfits really do give those characters a new look. Unlike many games where there just pallet swaps.

I could gush about this game all day, the simple fact is Awesomenauts just gets it right. It’s also free so why this isn’t in your library is beyond me. But! . . . Like other MOBA’s there is the looming issue of micro-transactions, they are here and do loom over the whole affair but not enough to damage or detract from the experience.

For me Awesomenauts is about as perfect as a MOBA gets.


Performance. . .

There is very little to say about performance on Linux, it installs and runs perfectly. A perfect example of doing everything right when making a game on Linux.

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