A Bird Story

Title: A Bird Story
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Freebird Games 
Publisher: Freebird Games
Release Date: 7 Nov, 2014

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A Bird Story is the story of a boy and an injured bird, it follows them from meeting to when the bird has healed and ready to leave. The whole story is told without words or writing what so ever and is only about 1 to 2 hours long. Its an intriguing idea and caught my interest straight away. On Steam the game has rave reviews so I was really looking forward to this one.

The graphics are 16 bit pixel style, but they are beautiful and well done, as the story is sold on its emotional content the simplistic beauty if them works just right. The developer has really worked hard on the details too, the way things move is stunning and it really draws you into this world of fantasy. But if your not a fan of the retro style you might struggle with it.


Tell me a tale. . .

The story is a sweet tail and you will probably find yourself thinking back to your own childhood while playing it, although I’d never looked after a injured bird as a child it reminded me of events
with family pets and such. And that’s really the story, its not some deep underlined story that leaves you a moral question at the end, Its just a story of a boy and an injured bird. But that’s why its beautiful, its
pure childhood innocence’s and nothing more. But this does mean the story is very linear and there is little to no exploration to be done and for a 1+ hour game that’s not really surprising, but its a shame there wasn’t
something for replay value.

Now I’d love to tell you how great the controls are, but unfortunately I can’t. The directional controls are done on the arrow keys, why the hell its not on WASD I’m lost to explain and to add insult
to injury the action buttons are Space and Return. Its such an unnatural set-up and on top of that you cant even move in diagonals so although the path ahead of you might snake and wind your left in a situation where you can’t
follow that path in a natural way. It really spoils the experience at times and that’s sad.


Nil by mouth. . . 

But my one biggest problem with this game is how it avoids text or speech in anyway, I understand that this game is sold on this ideal but why include notes you can’t read or situations that require
pictures to give you some idea of what’s happening? It feels like the developer had this great idea of a communication-less story and then got lost how to tell that story, that’s a shame as I feel just by tweaking or changing
some instances in the game would really fix this.

I don’t hate this game, its by no means terrible but I do feel its an incomplete or unrealized game. The story is clever and the graphics are beautiful, but there’s so much more to a game and this
is where A Bird Story falls down. I’ve been struggling to decide if I can recommend this game to readers, the truth being I really want to be able to but I just can’t. The elements are there, but they are executed badly.
But I must point out Steam reviews disagree with me, so maybe you should also read those.


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