Title: Besiege
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Developer: Spiderling Studios 
Publisher: Spiderling Studios
Release Date: 28 Jan, 2015

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Besiege, Master craftsman or cowboy builder.


Besiege is a puzzle/building physics based game, bought to us by Spiderling Games for £4.99 on Steam Green Light. The game is still currently an alpha and has some issues and only has 15 levels right now. Much like my review of The Escapists another Green Light title we know to expect glitches and such. The game is based on constructing a contraption to fulfil each levels specific goals, To do this we are given a host of construction items such as wood, hinges, brace’s, metal plates and wheels. Then there are the armaments for are vehicle like cannons, flame throwers and even bombs that can be fired trebuchet style.

Each level you will be given a task to complete, like destroy this wall or get to this marker. After that your left to however you see fit to complete that goal, you can build a lumbering behemoth or a quick and nimble vehicle. Its up to you and your own ingenuity to come up with the solution. But here in lies the first problem I have with this game, it offers very little guidance to the player how to complete the levels. Now for a seasoned player this might not be a huge issue, but for people who have not played games similar to this before it makes it far less accessible.

you can build a lumbering behemoth or a quick and nimble vehicle.

The graphics are great for a Green Light title, a far higher standard than we’ve come to expect from these titles. Its no crysis 3 that’s for sure, but it holds its own well even against triple A games. But again we have some issue’s with this. If you choose to build a massive vehicle you can expect major lag, even my PC had some issues with this and its far beyond the requirements needed. Those running lower-end systems beware, but these issues no doubt will be addressed in later updates.

The interface has a minimalist feel to it giving you only what you need and not much more, there are again issues with this. Some building materials require buttons to trigger them such as cannons, pistons, hinges and decouplers. Normally the game shows you the key-binding when selecting said item, but sometimes for no apparent reason it decides its not going to. Again these are things we expect in a alpha, but all the same worth noting.

something you do causes a chain reaction normally ending with your creation being reduced to a fiery pile of parts.

The missions seem varied enough, though with only 15 levels currently its hard to say if that will be the case in the completed title. But they do offer a good challenge and often have you laughing when something you do causes a chain reaction normally ending with your creation being reduced to a fiery pile of parts. But the other side of that coin is that sometimes they are supremely frustrating when for all intensive purposes you have done what they have requested of you to do, the game will not register this. But alpha issues aside, the missions are fun and though maybe not inventive they force you to be.
I like this game, but its not there yet and I don’t expect it to be any time soon. But then its £4.99 and that’s a small price to pay to be on the ground floor as a game evolves into a completed title. Its fun just playing with the tool box, seeing what random creations you can make. But if you do invest in this game take the “Alpha” label seriously. But you will be buying into what appears to be great game when fully released.

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