19 February 2018

BLGP EP173: Success!: The Epic Wine How-To

This week!: we bring you news of a glorious and unparalleled triumph, revealing a secret, months-long obsession in the telling: yes, we bring you the detailed war story (and all the technical, step-by-step how-to instructions so you can do it yourself) of our 4 month long campaign to get “Ruiner” installed and running under wine/playonlinux,... Read More
14 February 2018

BLGP EP 172: What I’m Playing (Descenders, Naezith, Tangledeep)

This week, we recover from our illness with a fresh installment of “WHAT I’M PLAYING:” “Remnants of Naezith” (which left me “grappling” with mixed feelings), “Descenders,” (an early access title that could – one day – become the all-time champeen of downhill BMX biking), and a less-coughing description of the beguiling evil that is “Tangledeep.”... Read More
01 February 2018

BLGP EP 170: AVN, X11, Darkwood, Iconoclasts

In this week’s ginormous show, we discuss our AVN wrap-up coverage, then talk some in-depth flight-sim-linux madness around X-Plane 11 (our new Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Flight Stick and Throttle, along with payware Bell 407 and R-22 helicopter models), then recommend our flightplanner of preference, all followed by our Feature: “Non-AVN, Non Flight Sim Games... Read More
01 February 2018

BLGP EP 169: X-Plane 11 XPlained

This week, we talk all about X-Plane 11; why it’s such a vast improvement over 10, who is it for, who is it not for, why you should love it, AND discuss the implications (costwise, morally, and technically) of buying some peripheral hardware (rudder pedals, flight sticks, etc.) that might no longer be as expensive... Read More
01 February 2018

BLGP EP 168: JYDGE Review

This week, we lay down some serious law in “JYDGE,” the spiritual sequel to the inimitably excellent “Neon Chrome.” Once again, 10Tons Ltd. serves up an intoxicating brew of insanely violent carnage, sarcasm, and futuristic dystopia in a top-down, demi-isometric package. www.twitch.tv/skookiesprite www.bestlinuxgames.com Powered by WPeMatico